Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So a few weeks ago me,mom,natalie, and sommer and heather porter all went to the premire of the hunger games. We started to get ready at 9:00pm and left the house around 10:00. So thats 2 hours early!! When we walked into the theater it was half filled up whith teenagers. It was a very long wait for the previews to start. It was really weird how i knew so many people there who go to the same school as me. When the movie started everyone was so exited. I could tell from all of the screaming die-hard fans in the crowd. But luckaly since everyone loved the book so much i didnt even hear a cough during the movie. The moie was AWSOME! They did a great job recreating the book. But they left out a ton of the coolist parts. Like: In the end the game maker made the mutts look like the dead tributes. But then they added in some cool parts. Like: They showed how the game makers made the arena/made all the creatures. Then there where a few parts that i could tell that if you didnt read the book you would have no idea what was going on. But overall the movie was great!! And i cant wait for the next one. But i only had 3 hours of sleep so i was sooo tired at school. And yes i had to go to school at regular time but it was all worth it.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy birthday mom!

happy birthday mom, I hope you have the best birthday ever!!


                 Lauren      (:

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I had a wonderful christmas. It was so much fun and family filled. So on christmas night we went to a friends christmas party. Wich was fun like every year with ginger bread house contests,and games for everyone. But when we got home we set out coookies and milk with 9 carrots. Then dad read the night before christmas like every year. After that it was time for bed. I had so much trouble sleeping so i read untill midnight then i finnaly dosed off. so i woke up around 8:30ish and just stayed in my bed with the igist butterflys in my stomach until i heard kids running aroung outside. Then i knew it was time. So i run out of my roon and look over the bannister and the first thing i saw was a new cricut!!!!!!! So run into mom and dads room to wake them up. Mom was up but dad wanted to take a shower. So we waited about 10 more min. Then when dad was all freshend up we took some family photos on the staircase then raced down stairs. We went right to our stockings and tore off the wrapping paper. I got some great things; So im just going to say what i got but i still cand decide whats my favorite. so i got: makeup,nailpolish,(orange,blue,and red) "mysterys of a monster hunter" by JOSH GATES!!!!!!!, clothes,(aero:zip up and tee shirt plus sweater, Forever 21:croped hooded mid-length tee,jeans, super soft sweater) desk organizer, nail art pens,perfume, a braclet,40$,a paper pad,and fuzzy socks! So over all i had a great christmas!!!

 Paige is always a pleasure.

 me and my cricut.

     us going to church.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hoodie Ninja!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today we had to go to a swim meet at "Splash Down" water park. It was soooooo hot. At the meet it felt like 112 degrees. (CODE RED!) So at the meet i did good in butterfly and freestyle. But in breaststroke i was from 44.44 to 43.57! I killed it!!!! Our relay team it 1 second away from a record and I'm 2 seconds away from the breast record. And i will have whole other year to break the record. But i can only break the record with the other girls in my relay. They are stink'en fast and I'm the only 11 year old in the A relay. Any splash down word of caution the bathrooms are hot, sticky, and gross! Its crowed. And the pools are not cleaned. Its a HOT mess!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July

For the fourth of July we went to an awesome place.where they had a whole carnival thing and a helicopter show that was soooo cool. and a lot of my friends were there from swim team,church,and school.we had a really good spot too. Also mom and dad did a little (by a little I mean a lot.)campaigning.and we brought corn-hole which I'm really bad at.and we got wegmans sandwiches and lots of water. They did polo matches,petting zoo, and ponie rides! Those lines were so long! And at the end the firework show was AWSOME!!! And it was super long like 45 min but at the end mom and dad found a short cut to get out. (haha people who had to wait two hours to get out.)my favorite firework was the gold sparkly one that shimmers down. And those fireworks made a big boom fourth of July was great!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Last Day Of School

Goodbye, classroom!
Goodbye, Teachers!
You can find me at the beach...
Or in the park or at the pool
Or any place that isn’t school.

Goodbye, quizzes!
Bye, reports!
Hello days packed full of sports
And days when I’m just lazybones
While eating melty ice cream cones.

Goodbye, homework --
Lunchroom, too.
There’s so, so much I wanna do.
I know the school year flew on past…
But please, please summer -- last and last